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No Bed of Roses

Jesus prepared us for trials. Many times he spoke of carrying our crosses after him, of following in his footsteps, and of sufferings in this world. At the same time, Jesus also promised the grace to not only do these things but to embrace them with joy. We are mistaken if we think that the most difficult journey was to come to the point of conversion. That journey may have been difficult, but the more intense trials often come on the journey of conversion. This is where doubts and temptations can trouble us, when we encounter problems and wonder why these are happening since we are now following Christ. Life for no one is a bed of roses. We can't expect things to be easier once we decide to follow Jesus. What we can expect is that God will give us the strength to bear these difficulties well and to offer our sufferings for his greater glory and for the benefit of others, however God wishes to use our pain to assist them in a spiritual way.

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