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Freedom from Fear

Fear impedes our walk with Jesus. It snags us because fear comes from lack of trust in God. God wants us to become who we are meant to be, his sons and daughters, free from sin. Being free from sin gives us victory over sin. The apostles were told at Pentecost, "Stay here until you receive power from on high." Rather than wait out in the open air, the apostles retired to the upper room where they enacted the Lord's supper as a remembrance. There the Holy Spirit came upon them empowering them to receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit so that they could go out to preach fearlessly the message of Christ's salvation. Our conversion is not complete until we, too, desire to tell others about the truth of Christ. God will give us the strength and the tools to do this since He put that mission into our heart. Don't be a timid Christian who trembles at sharing the faith with an unbelieving world. Ask God to fire up in you the holy boldness He put into your soul as His follower. Bring the message of Christ to your part of the world.

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