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Father Stanley Rother

Father Stanley Rother is the first American-born martyr was beatified on September 23, 2017, and this year his feast day of July 28 will be celebrated for the first time in the United States. Father Stanley died serving the people of Guatemala. He was a victim of individuals who hated conversion to Christ. He knew that he was targeted for death, but said that "A shepherd cannot run from his flock.". Conversion comes with the price, even the price of death. The death may be physical as it was in the case of Father Stanley, but everyone who undergoes conversion is going to undergo a spiritual death. We have to be willing to die to self if you want to live for Christ. Scripture says, "I put before you death and life. Choose life, therefore, that you and your children may live." If we choose life for Christ, then we let the old self die. That's conversion.

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