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Comparing oneself to others impedes conversion. When we are trying to get closer to God, we can fail in two respects, both of them related to comparison. We could look at some people and think that we are doing better than they are, that we know things they do not recognize, that we are at least trying to follow Jesus even if we are not doing it perfectly. These types of comparisons are reminiscent of the Pharisee in the temple who lookrd down on the publican who was confessing his sins to God. Our conversion should not be a source of pride but a source of gratitude for God who saved us despite ourselves. The other danger of comparison is to compare ourselves with the saints and become discouraged, thinking we can never reach the heights of sanctity that a particular saint reached. And we probably can't reach those heights, but God doesn't expect us to. God asks us to become saints ourselves, to be the best person that we can be, because that's who God made us to be.The comparison should be with ourselves-- who we are now and who we could be if we fully surrendered to God and fully cooperated with his grace to master our passions.

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