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Acting on God's Word

Jesus said that those who hear his words and don't act on them are like foolish people who build their house on sand which will wash away when the storms come. But those who hear his word and act on it are like those who build their homes on a rock. Floods can come, winds can blow, storms can beat against the house, but the rock will not give way. It will stand firm. As we journey along in our conversion, we should evaluate whether we have built our faith on a sandy foundation or a foundation of rock. Do we tend to follow Jesus only when he gives us what we want or makes us happy? Or is our faith sturdy enough to withstand the storms of life as they come? Conversion is a process but not an imperative one. It can stop anywhere along the journey. Let us pray that God's word is strong in us and we overcome ourselves when we face difficulties so that, with God's grace, we can act on God's word and remain steadfast in our journey toward him.


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