Fellowship in the Confraternity of Penitents

The Confraternity of Penitents is a canonically approved private association of the faithful in the Roman Catholic Church whose over 200 members worldwide live modern adaptations of the original rule given by St. Francis of Assisi to the laypeople in the year 1221.

This Rule of Life is a means to surrendering oneself to the will of God. It involves daily prayer, fasting and abstinence, simplicity of life, and works of mercy. The Rule is lived by lay men and women, married or single, in their own homes.

The Confraternity is open to anyone ages 14 and older who agrees to its Catholic way of life, who is serious about conversion, and who is willing to complete the 51 formation lessons and make changes in their own lifestyle over four years.

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Confraternity of Penitents -- A Rule of Life to Support and Enhance Your Conversion

With continued desire to continue on in the CFP formation process, I still find myself taking steps forward.  One prayer at a time, one day at a time, I'm taking time to actively look at my response to what I've learned and ponder it all.

The lessons still call me to move forward, and to listen more to what God asks of me and being totally aware of my response.  I've had many challenges these past 5 months, and I have not pushed them (my assignments) aside.  I have noticed however, that I've had more consecutive days of restful sleep, waking up to my praise of God and all He has done for me.  Daily mass is what I look forward to also the Franciscan Virtues. J.B.