Your Catholic Conversion


This website is really about your conversion, not about mine. And you probably haven't experienced your deepest conversion yet, which is why you're reading this website.

Conversion is a process. It starts with the desire to change, or maybe even with the nagging feeling that something isn't right. You want more, but don't know how to get it , and you know that something in your life, may be many things in your life, have to change. At some point you are willing to make the changes needed to bring yourself more joy and happiness.

Conversion takes work. Do you know that the word penance means conversion? Penance has a bad reputation because people associate it  with all sorts of negative mortifications such as eating only bread and water and wearing sackcloth and ashes. Those mortifications can help bring about conversion, but they aren't the only paths to it.

How to Begin to Change Your Life for the Better

Start with prayer. God wants to change your life more than you do! So pray about what to do. Keep a prayer journal and write down any thoughts that come to you. Date the entries! That way you can look back and see your progress.

Then, "Do whatever He tells you." These words of the Blessed Mother to the guests at the wedding feast of Cana could not be wiser.

Maybe  you admire the saints. God wants to make you one, but He knows how to do it, not you. The secret to sanctity does not  consist of  heroic deeds or mortifications or endless prayers, although all of these can be ways to sanctification. But the secret of sanctity is surrender--surrender to doing things God's way, not your own.

"Do whatever He tells you." You need to ask, to listen, to understand, and then do. It all starts with asking.

"Lord, what do YOU want me to do? How do YOU want me to proceed? What do YOU want me to work on first? Give me guidance, courage, and wisdom to do what YOU want, Lord. Amen."